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Top 8 Foods That Can Lead To Better Skin And Hair For Teens

Who does not want healthy skin and nourished hair? Teens do and use the chemical product as beauty treatments. But nature has loads of ingredients, using which you will get a remarkable result in your skin and hair. You should not apply the ingredients on the skin and hair only but you should have a proper diet also. Yes, it’s all about food. No worries teens, nature has foods that are easy to get and most of them are just in your hand. Take a look into your kitchen or fridge you will definitely find all of them already preserved. This essay will show you the best eight foods glow your skin and make your hair thick, silky and shiny.

Green Tea

Maybe it is a daily beverage of your parent. They drink green tea for refreshing themselves. You were not thinking that this bad looked green tea might be the best substances for a healthy life. Green tea is full of cell reinforcements that will help fight against skin wrinkles. Indeed, they’re essentially the pal. They work against the breakdown of skin cells that decrease versatility in the skin, bringing about drooping skin and crinkle. It can help treat hair break out as well, as it’s a source of vitamin B, so it’ll decrease hair-splitting and make its root strengthens. It also helps to prevent hair loss and encourage new hair growth.


Lemons are pretty engaging in skin tightening and hair shine. Drinking a glass of warm water and lemon every morning is a very good habit. It does not help for skin and hair only but works for wight loss also. Overweight is the main reason for skin cankered and hair damage. Moreover, Lemon consists of vitamin C and antioxidant which repairs skin cells and remove dandruff from hair. It also aids hair growth.


Ginger helps teen to remove morning sickness which creates a glow on the skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are a remedy for premature ageing. It also works for skin toning. You can apply ginger on your scalp as It has minerals which are a perfect hair conditioner and also as a remover of dandruff forever.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate works against high blood pressure and it controls cholesterol. Stress causes skin impairment. Thus, dark chocolate is a booster to keep the mood on, so you will feel stress-free over the day. You can eat unroasted chocolate power, coca beans and raw chocolate power to have this powerful antidote. It is the best solution for oily skin which is very acne prone as it has fatty acids and raw enzymes that grow new cells in the skin. Dark Chocolate works for hair also. It shines hair when applying on.

Pumpkin Seed

From now and on, you will waste pumpkin seeds after knowing its benefits. Pumpkin seeds have zinc that is a booster of cellular turnover for your skin. Zinc also helps to keep the proper colour of hair and prevent dandruff. Furthermore, Pumpkin helps to frame keratin, a protein that makes up the hair.

Chia seeds

Low-fat diets cause dry scalp and dry skin. Chia seed contains omega 3 and healthy fat which keep your age between teens. Your skin will be gloomy taking chia seeds once in a day mixing with smoothies, oats meal and pudding.

Salmon Fish

Salmon is a hack of beauty. Taking Salmon regularly is a way to keep skin soft and moisturized. Salmon is a source of Omega 3 and zinc which heal the skin and hair. It removes acne problems and makes skin glow. Hair growth is another benefits teens will get taking salmons. Those teen wants to keep long hair do not forget to eat salmon in your main meal at least once in a day.


Nuts have loads of benefits for keeping beauty for ages. Almond contains biotins and vitamin B complex which is a crony for new hair production. It makes the scalp futile. Almond is good care for skin as well. It works as an egg works in your body. All natural health treatment cannot avoid almond in their ingredients.

In conclusion, though there are a lot of foods that help teens to be teens forever. Nowadays people are facing many skin and hair problem because of food habit. Avoiding high diets and junk food would be a great remedy for hair and skin development. Taking all these eight foods has many minerals and nutrition that will nourish your body lifetime.

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